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Tropical freshwater fish are the next most popular, after goldfish, with fish
tanks being installed not only in the home but also in offices, hospitals, reception areas, doctors surgeries, dentists etc.

Although we already have a large number of tanks full of tropical fish, we are
in the process of expanding this section to provide an even larger selection. If you are looking for something more unusual or rare then please speak to a
member of staff. We have an excellent rapport with our suppliers and are able
to source most varieties of tropical freshwater fish.

Our tropical fish are imported from many countries including South America, Malaysia, Vietnam, Miami, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, Europe, etc.

All fish should be given a variety of food – be it flake, frozen or live. In the live
food we have weekly deliveries of tubifex and bloodworm, as well as an
excellent selection of frozen food.

We offer a full maintenance and/or installation service on all types and sizes of tropical fish tank if required.

We also have an excellent selection of tropical
plants (in excess of 30 varieties) which are replenished on a weekly basis. Many hobbyists complain that live plants soon die off – invariably
this is because they have not been fed! Plants are
a living animal and, just like your fish, they need regular food to stay alive. They also require a suitable substrate to live in – just as your garden plants do!

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